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Vintage Valve Radio Restoration..

On THE BENCH today..  Watch the work progress LIVE!!!

Vintage Radio Repair Restoration DAB Conversion

If a full ‘restoration’ of your cherished valve radio is required, I can do it for you.

I enjoy this aspect of my work and prefer to think about it in terms of being a ‘conservator’ of old radios in the same sense as those who work in our museums work to preserve and enhance our national art treasures!

The radios I work on are usually 50/60 or 70 years old and as engineers/owners  we are simply minding and looking after them until they move on to their future owners.

Within the trade we often make a note inside of the cabinet of work we have done and I often come across messages left by previous radio engineers.  These echoes from the past and fill me with a sense of  humility and privilege to be yet another chapter in the ‘life’ of the radio.

Where possible original parts are used. I can even place new capacitors within the old ‘condensor’ blocks in order to preserve the original look and feel of the radio. I have an extensive spares list, including some original speaker cloth and original veneers.  Cases can be stripped and re-polished. All electrical parts can be re-built and returned to their original specifications.

As each job is unique its difficult to price but please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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