This is the current waiting list ….

Correct to October 1st 2021

Please note that the current radio seen on the webcam might not be the one at the top of this list!  I manage to get one or two completed per month as I am also busy with being a husband, grandad and ‘being retired’. I also struggle with arthritis which basically means I’m ‘one handed’ literally!

If you are at the bottom of the list you are looking at a 12 month wait!

Quality takes time and it can’t be rushed. Every radio has its own challenges. I love what I do and I love doing these radios to preserve them for the future and make my customers happy! The work can’t be rushed……

Thanks for your patience.    Dave

How is the list formulated?  

Basically the list is added to as I receive a Deposit for the work to be done and then entries are removed when they are completed.

NB If your name isn’t here then there has been a problem/I’ve missed you! Please contact me if so..     Sorry!






Mick Moloney

Bush DAC90

Repair &Restore

Finished 19/8/21

Icom IC7300


Finished 20/8/21

George Millan

Bush DAC90A X2


Finished 20/09/21

Fiona Young

Bush DAC90A

DAB conversion

Finished 29/09/21

Tim Oxton

Bush DAC90A

DAB conversion

Finished 02/10/21

Mr R Riley

Bush DAC90A

DAB/Internet conversion

Anne O'Donnell


New Grille Cloth/Re polish

Andy Moynes


Modify DAB/FM

Radio on bench

Lee Holloway

R1115 & TORN

Modify Bluetooth

Radio arrived from Germany

Awaiting Parts

Ian Robinson


Investigate and repair

Radio in workshop

Mr B Mason


Investigate and Repair

Radio in workshop

Martin Hislop

Philips 681A

Investigate Options

Covid delayed.. Radio not received as yet.

N Walker

Bakelite Sobell?

DAB/FM conversion

Waiting to receive radio

Michael Paris

Peto Scott

Rebuild plus record deck

Radio in workshop

Mr P Phelan


Investigate and Repair

Radio not received yet REMINDER SENT August 21!! Please Contact me!

D  Humphreys

Philco 71H

Investigate and Repair

Susan Burdett


Investigate and Repair

Ash Wheeler

PYE Table set

Investigate and Repair

Paul Mace

GEC Table Set

Investigate and Repair/or Bluetooth

Radio received in workshop

Nick Stubbs


Investigate and repair

Possible delivery to sister in Tamworth?

Andrew West

French Table set

Investigation and repair

Radio received and in workshop

Suzanne Ost

American Midget set

Investigate and Repair

Mr G McMillan

Bush DAC 90

DAB conversion

Steven Dally

PYE Fenman II

Chassis investigate and repair

Radio arrived in workshop

Helen Fountain

EKCO Bakelite set

DAB/FM/BT conversion

Sophie David

Old Westmintster/

Refurb case/Bluetooth

Peter Belsey

KB radio

Investigate and Repair

Peter Saunders

Cossor Radio

DAB conversion

Roger Muir

Murphy radio

Investigate and repair/restore

Scott Bell

Bush DAC90

Investigate and Repair

Mr A Vaines

Goblin 'TimeSpot'

Investigate and Repair

Peter Element

Bush SUG 3

Investigate and Repair

Peter Vodden

Philips 341 Radio

Investigate and Repair

Huw Samuel

HMV radio

Investigate and Repair

Thomas Healey

No details

Deposit paid but no further contact???

Please contct me!

Mr A Nelson

Ferranti 146

Investigate and Repair

Mr A Haines

Philips Table Set

Mr G Powis

PYE Model G

Investigate and Repair

Possible Bluetooth.

Mr T. Massey

Ekco A22

New grille cloth,service.

Mr G Powis

Ekco RS3

Service & Repair

Mr D Roberts

Philips 634A

Service & Reapir (volume control)


TWO radio sets/turntable

2X Internet conversions

Radios here in storage

Mr G Naughton

Ivory Bush DAC90A

Full Internet conversion

Radio being sent

Mike Perry